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The Computer Refurbishing Program invites you to their Spring computer event on:

Saturday, May 4th 2019, from 10 am at UP House, located at:
5215, rue Namur (metro Namur), Montreal, H4P 2R7.

Call for reserving your Computer. (514) 764-5599

If you cannot attend on May 4th, you can reserve and pickup at a later date.

This sale is open to everyone who has a physical or a psychiatric disability and to people with low income. You will be asked to meet the following criteria as set by the Microsoft© Registered refurbisher:

  • Currently receiving disability benefits, or
  • Currently receiving Welfare, or
  • People who have a disability (physical, psychiatric, etc.)
  • Receiving a student loan)
  • Low income families
  • People receiving old age pension

Laptops and desktops will be available.

The most accessible Desktops include (limited quantity available):

The Desktops include:

  • A core I5 processor.
  • 4Gb of RAM.
  • A 160-500Gb Hard disk.
  • A DVD ROM drive.
  • Cables.
  • Windows 10 pro.
  • Office 2010 Home and Business.

The Laptops include:

  • A core I5 processor.
  • 4Gb of RAM.
  • A 128GB SSD drive.
  • A DVD ROM drive.
  • A 14'' screen.
  • Power adapter.
  • Windows 10 Pro.
  • Office 2010 Home and Business.

Frequently asked questions about the computer sales.

Are the computers NEW?

NO. Remember we are a Microsoft REFURBISHER. Which means that we take in equipment that has been previously owned and carefully prepare it for extending it's life for many years. This process includes testing, cleaning, upgrading and installing a brand new genuine Microsoft Operating System and different utility programs.

Are the computers free?

Access to technology by marginalized groups is a problem that all societies face. We ask people to pay because there are different costs associated with refurbishing a computer like supplies, tools, software licenses, etc. Prices range between $20 and $99.

Are you a store? Do you sell tablets, TV's, or other appliances??

We are not a computer store. We are a computer Refurbisher operating as part of a Mental Health recovery program. The participants in this program kindly volunteer preparing the computers that are made available to the community.